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Tribal Headdresses From Around The World ~ Part I

Akha Hill Tribe ~ Laos & Thailand
Portrait of Akha Tribe woman ~ Myanmar (Burma)
(Photo by Ania BlazeJewska)

Akha Tribe headdress
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Akha man in traditional headdress
(Photo by Kees Sprengers ~ March 16, 2003)
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(The above two photos are by Tony & Thomas ~ April 13, 2010)
The above two images are courtesy of:

Akha women - (Sengkangmai village, Boun Tai District, Laos)
(The above two photos are by Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy ~ 2005)
The two images above are courtesy of:

(The above two photos are by Eric Lafforgue ~ April 10, 2009)

(Above photo by Raoul D. ~ December 13, 2010)
The above three images are courtesy of:

Close-up of traditional Akha headdress

(November 2003)
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Akha Tribe - Tachileik, Myanmar ~ February 20, 2005
(Photo by Hey Brian?)
Image courtesy of:

Akha Pixo woman, Ban Yo, Laos
(Photo by Patrick Hochner)
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The Yao Hill Tribe ~ Southern China, Vietnam, Laos & Thailand
 (Also known as the Mien Hill Tribe)
Image courtesy of:

A Thai Yao tribeswoman in traditional wear
Image courtesy of:

Yao tribeswomen
Image courtesy of:

Yao tribesman
(Photo by jimmy02 ~ January 3, 2011)

(Photo by Baronvonhorne ~ January 3, 2005)

Yao grandmother and her grandson ~ Muang Singh, Laos
(Photo by jitenshaman ~ May 7, 2007)

(Photo by Eric Lafforgue ~ April 11, 2009)
The above four images are courtesy of:

Red Dao Hill Tribe ~ Sapa, Vietnam
(The above six photos are by Retlaw Snellac ~ January, 2011)

Red Dao woman
(Photo by Rudi Roels ~ December 10, 2010)

(Photo by əpɐɾ əuıɹəɥʇɐɔ ~ February 23, 2009)

(Photo by GeeDoyle [Grant Doyle] ~ March 10, 2010)

(Photo by NaPix -- (Time out) ~ September 29, 2009)

(Photo by Indian Gypsy ~ July 1, 2010)
The above eleven images are courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

(Photo by Retlaw Snellac ~ January, 2005)
Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Black Dao (Dzao Khao) Tribe ~ Vietnam
Black Dao woman in Binh Lu, Vietnam
(The above two photos are by Retlaw Snellac ~ January 2011)

Black Dao girl
(Photo by Spotlight on Asia (Malcolm Fackender) ~ September 30, 2008)

Black Dao women
(Photo by shimpling [Steve Williams] ~ May 2, 2007)

Black Dao woman at Meo Vac market
(Photo by Peter Garnhum ~ August 14, 2008)

Black Dao farmer
(Photo by zane&inzane ~ December 11, 2006)
The above seven images are courtesy of:

Black H'mong Hill Tribe ~ Sapa, Vietnam
(Photo by frans cromme ~ October 15, 2010)
Image courtesy of:

(The two photos above are by chinared1 ~ April 6, 2010)

(Photo by Rudi Roels ~ December 31, 2005)

(Photo by JaxinCPT [Jacqui Goodwin] ~ January 27, 2010)

(Photo by Retlaw Snellac ~ January, 2005)

(Photo by GigoloArt ~ September 21, 2007)
The above seven images are courtesy of:

Red H'mong Tribe ~ Vietnam

(The above four photos are by Retlaw Snellac ~ January, 2005 & 2011)
The above four images are courtesy of:

Flower H'mong Tribe ~ Vietnam, Laos & China
(The above two photos are by philipjbigg ~ August 1 & 2, 2009)

(Photo by foto_morgana ~ February 6, 2006)

(The two photos above are by markyd49 [Mark Deutsch] ~ August, 2003)

(Photo by Rudi Roels ~ December 31, 2005)

(The above two photos are by Hanoi Mark [Mark Robertson] ~ December 18, 2006)

Flower H'mong baby
(Photo by beeldmarieke [Marieke Appelboom] ~ March 8, 2009)

(Photo by susanhardman [Susan Hardman] ~ July 1, 2007)

(Photo by paranoidandreas [Andreas Jenni) ~ July 25, 2009)

(The above two photos are by peregrin@ [Linda De Volder] ~ October, 1998)

Flower Hmong girl in Bac Ha market, Northern Vietnam
(Photo by Mark Chiang Mai [Mark Ord] ~ February 20, 2011)

Flower Hmong woman in her exquisitely elaborate headdress
(Photo by Glenn Phillips ~ May 29, 2005)
The above fifteen images are courtesy of:

Lolo Tribe ~ Vietnam & Yunnan (Southern China)
Black Lolo tribeswoman (above & below)

Flower Lolo girl (above)
(The above fourteen photos are by Retlaw Snellac ~ January, 2005 & 2011)
The above fourteen images are courtesy of:

Dao Thanh Phan Tribe ~ Vietnam
 (The above three photos are by Retlaw Snellac ~ January 1, 2011)
The above three images are courtesy of:

Suggested readings:

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