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Tribal Headdresses From Around The World ~ Part IV

Maasai (Masai) Tribe ~ Kenya
(Photo by Ben Heine ~ October 18, 2010)

(Photo by deerdiaryphotos [Adam Stafford] ~ November 28, 2008)

(Photo by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 8, 2009)

(Photo by the_new_watercooler ~ May 23, 2007)

(Photo by SpinSolivar [Spence Oliver of Spin Solivar Studios] ~ March 13, 2010)

(Photo by Connor Cimowsky ~ March 22, 2009)
The above images are courtesy of:

Maasai bride
(Photo by Mirella Ricciardi)

Image courtesy of:

(The above three photos are by  ~ December 9, 2010 | Ngong, Kenya)

Maasai warrior in a ceremonial lion mane headdress | Loita Hills, Kenya
(Photo by  ~ April 30, 2010)
The four images above are courtesy of:

(Photo by Diederick2008 ~ August 17, 2009)

(Poto by FollowOurFootsteps [Greg and Ashley] ~ August 15, 2010)

(Photo by nam_htv ~ April 3, 2008)

(Photo by canburak ~ November 28, 2009)
The above four images are courtesy of:

(Photo by Mirjam Evers)

El-Molo Tribe ~ Lake Turkana, Kenya

(The above eleven photos are by Eric Lafforgue ~ July15, 2009)
The above eleven images are all courtesy of:

Gabbra (or Gabra) Tribe ~ Chalbi Desert, Northern Kenya

The above seven photos are all by Eric Lafforgue ~ July15, 2009)

(The above six photos are by Rita Willaert ~ December 15, 2010)

 (The above photos are by TUNDO GIORGIO [Giorgio Tundo] ~ January 1, 2007)

(Photo by Alison M. Jones ~ August 30, 2003)
The above sixteen images are all courtesy of:

Kikuyu Tribe (Gikuyu or Agikuyu) ~ Mount Kenya

Painted Kikuyu warriors in Thomson's Falls, Rift Valley | Kenya
(The above four photos are by Eric Lafforgue ~ July10, 26 & 28, 2009)

(Photo by thantry [Pushpa] ~ December 11, 2007)

(Photo by barleyhomer2000 [Val] ~ June 28, 2007)

(Photo by Kazzy KPB [Karen] ~ January 10, 2011)

(The above two photos are by Rita Willaert ~ December 10, 2010)
The above ten images are all courtesy of:

A Kikuyu witch doctor
(Photo by David Wall)
Image courtesy of:

Pokot (or Pokhot) Tribe ~ Baringo and Western Pokot districts, Kenya & Uganda

(The above photos are all by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 17, 2009)

(Photo by Retlaw Snellac [Walter Callens] ~ July, 2003)

(The above twelve photos are by Rita Willaert ~ December 19, 2010)

(The above photo is by abgefahren2004 [Mario Gerth] ~ August 3, 2010)

(The above four photos are by Mozambique - Moments [Ian B.] ~ August 23, 2010)
The above twenty-five images are all courtesy of:

Rendille Tribe ~ Kaisut Desert, Kenya

(The three photos above are by Eric Lafforgue  ~ July 14, 2009)

(Photo above is by luca.gargano [Luca Gargano] ~ August 4, 2011)

(The above seven photos are by Rita Willaert ~ December 14 & 15, 2010)
The above eleven images are courtesy of:

Rendille warrior | Nyiru, Kenya ~ 2009
(Photo by John Kenny)

Rendille women wearing Mpooro Engorio necklaces

Above & above left, a young Rendille moran
A moran is a warrior, signifying his coming of age & ability to fight the tribe's enemies, including the wild animals that attack their cattle.
(The above sixteen photos are all by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 14 & 15, 2009)

 (The above two photos are by Retlaw Snellac [Walter Callens] ~ July, 2003)

 (The above two photos are by abgefahren2004 [Mario Gerth] ~ July 27, 2010)
The above twenty images are all courtesy of:

Rendille tribeswomen preparing for a ceremony | Northern Kenya ~ 1970
(Photo by Mirella Ricciardi)

Samburu Tribe ~ Kenya
(The above two photos are by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 13, 2009)
The two images above are courtesy of:

The two images above are courtesy of:

A Samburu bride-to-be
The red colour she wears indicates her readiness for marriage.

Performing a dance | Nangida village, Kenya

Samburu warriors

Samburu girl
(The above nineteen photos are by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 13, 2009)

(The above three photos are by Retlaw Snellac [Walter Callens] ~ July, 2003)

(Photo by Gakige [Njambi Ndiba] ~ October 11, 2007)


(The above thirteen photos are by Rita Willaert ~ December 13 & 16, 2010)

(The above two photos are by Fletcher Perspectives ~ August 6, 2007)

(Photo by language block ~ October 20, 2006)

(The above five photos are by abgefahren2004 [Mario Gerth] ~ July 26, 27 & 28 | August 4, 2010)
(The above forty-four images are all courtesy of:

Turkana Tribe ~ Lake Turkana, Kenya

(The eight photos above are by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 16, 2009)

(The above fourteen photos are by Rita Willaert ~ December 16 & 17, 2010)

(The above photos are by Retlaw Snellac [walter callens] ~ July, 2003)

(The above four photos are by abgefahren2004 [Mario Gerth] ~ July 28, 29 & 30, 2010)
The above twenty-eight images are all courtesy of:

Turkana Paramount Chief
(Photo by Mirella Ricciardi)

Tharaka Tribe ~ Mount Kenya
The Tharaka chieftains, above & below, wear headdresses made of colobus monkey fur.

(The above seven photos are by Eric Lafforgue ~ July 11, 2009)
(The above seven images are courtesy of:

Maps are courtesy of: [top] | [bottom]

Tribal map of Kenya

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