Thursday, 22 December 2011

(Artist: Ernest H. Shepard)

Carol of the Field-Mice

Villagers all, this frosty tide,
Let your doors swing open wide,
Though wind may follow, and snow beside,
Yet draw us in by your fire to abide;
Joy shall be yours in the morning!

Here we stand in the cold and the sleet,
Blowing fingers and stamping feet,
Come from far away you to greet —
You by the fire and we in the street —
Bidding you joy in the morning!

For ere one half of the night was gone,
Sudden a star has led us on,
Raining bliss and benison —
Bliss to-morrow and more anon,
Joy for every morning!

Goodman Joseph toiled through the snow —
Saw the star o'er a stable low;
Mary she might not further go —
Welcome thatch, and litter below!
Joy was hers in the morning!

And they heard the angels tell
Who were the first to cry Nowell?
Animals all, as it befell,
In the stable where they did dwell!
Joy shall be theirs in the morning!

(The Wind In The Willows ~ by Kenneth Grahame)

(Artist: Graham Philpot ~ 1995)

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Artist: Philip Mendoza ~ (1983)
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Happy Holidays


  1. These illustrations are lovely. Have a happy, albeit green, Christmas.

  2. I´ve just discovered your blog. Congratulations, you´re doing an amazing job. The selection of themes is sublime, the way you approach them is deep and clear. Thank you, I´m sure it isn´t easy to mantain this blog, especialy with its high level of quality. Greetings from Spain. Have a wonderfull 2012 (I´ve linked your blog in my acebook, hope you don´t mind)

  3. Dear Anonymous from Spain - yours is the first comment of 2012, and for that, I'm thankful. It's a nice way to begin the day - and the year.

    Thank you also for the compliments; you're very insightful: it takes much work, time & patience (not to mention research) to create each posting. My blog seems to have struck a chord with you & you've the ability to appreciate the work involved to create something of this sort; for that I am glad.

    Even though we're unacquainted, nonetheless, I would like for you to please accept my personal best wishes for a very happy & prosperous new year as well. (I don't mind your linking my blog to your facebook page. Cheers!) Be well.

    ₵. Ð.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Of course I accept.
    I hope to visit your wunderkammer periodically, in order to discover new contents, and to swimm deeper in the streams of the previous archives.
    It´s my pleasure.
    Anonymous reader from Spain

    PD. Sometimes your blog reminds me of FMR Magazine (Franco Maria Ricci phase), because of the selection of themes. I´m sure you are / would be a FMR´s fervent reader

  5. Dear Anonymous from Spain:

    It is indeed my wish that you continue to browse, discover & enjoy a select few of my interests here. I only wish I had more spare time to devote to all the topics I would love to feature & share.

    As for FMR Magazine, I am very flattered to have my work here compared with such a fine & prestigious publication.

    Reading is good; continue to read.

    Thanks again,
    ₵. Ð.