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Tribal Headdresses From Around The World ~ Part VII

Aymara Tribe ~ Bolivia & Peru
Aymara musicians in Uyuni | southern Bolivia
(Photo by Juan Karita)
Image courtesy of:

Aymara mother & child
(Photo by PilotGirl [Sonja Stark] ~ September 29, 2009)    

(Photo by pablobullrich [Pablo Bullrich] ~ January 3, 2003)

Aymara women dancers
(The above two photos are by Lisa Gale Garrigues ~ January 7, 2005)


(The above two photos are by Matteo Bertolino ~ June 21, 2010)

Aymara women dancing in traditional costumes on Taquile Island | Lake Titicacca, Peru

Aymara tribesman performing in traditional costume on Taquile Island | Lake Titicacca, Peru

Aymara boy and his llama ~  Urubamba (Sacred Valley) | Peru

Aymara children in traditional costumes ~ Urubamba (Sacred Valley), Cuzco | Peru

Aymara girl ~ Urubamba (Sacred Valley), Cuzco | Peru
(The above five photos are by Black Rock Photo [Brian Stacey] ~ August 31 | September 6, 2007)

Aymara children dressed for All Saints' Day ~ Moquegua | southern Peru                 
(The above two photos are by mattcoler [Matt Coler] ~ May 27, 2011)

(The above two photos are by marcpreschia ~ November 1 & 2, 2010)

(Photo by experiencegla ~ May 28, 2010)

(Photo by Pier Paolo Giacomoni ~ February 7, 2010)
The above seventeen images are all courtesy of:        

Cofán (Kofan, Kofane, A’i) Tribe ~ Ecuador & South Colombia
Cofán elder
Image courtesy of:


Image courtesy of: Mochilero en Nuevo Mundo

A Cofán shaman
(Photo by Max Araujo Fotografía [Max Araujo] ~ December 5, 2008)

 Above left, a Cofán tribesman | Above right, a Siona tribesman
The Siona, Siecoya, Cofán & Quichuas have been the indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon basin for thousands of years.
(The above two photos are by surtrek ~ March 18 & November 28, 2007)

(The above two photos are by Antonio Lescano | Ministerio de Coordinación de la Política y GAD ~ February 24, 2011)

(Photo by ALEXANDER OLAYA OJEDA ~ August 21, 2010)
The above six images are courtesy of:        

Quechua Indians ~ Andes Mountains, Peru

(The above three photos are by foto_morgana [Frans Devriese] ~ December 7 & 9, 2006)

Quechua Shaman
(Photo by cmozz ~ September 22, 2011)


(The above three photos are by gbauer001 [Geoff Bauer] ~ September 7, 2008)

A Quechua Indian woman weaving with strap loom | Cuzco, Peru
(Photo by kobbydagan [Kobby Dagan] ~ May 26, 2011)


(The above two photos are by marcpreschia ~ October 28, 2010)

(Photo by Memo Vasquez ~ September 1, 2011)


(The above two photos are by crazycrayola ~ June 29 & 30, 2009)


(The above four photos are by kennel [Jeff Kennel] ~ December 13, 2008)


Herding lamas & alpacas
(The above three photos were taken on October 27 & 28, 2006)

(The above two photos were taken on October 3, 2006)
(The above six photos are all by David Ducoin [])

(Photo by Luis Manuel Guaida ~ December 30, 2007)
The above twenty-four images are all courtesy of:

Secoya & Shuar Tribes ~ Ecuador & Peru

Above: Secoya tribesmen
(The above two photos are from Kaobanga ~ September 1995)

The above left photo was taken on August 29, 2006 | The above right photo was taken on July 28,  2006
(Both photos of Shuar Indians above are by David Ducoin [])

(Photo by 00rini hartman ~ July 22, 2005)
  The above five images are courtesy of:

Shuar warrior
Image courtesy of:

Marcelo Shariana ~ Shuar leader of Kushapuk

Above two photos: traditional Shuar dance performed in Sucua
The above three images are courtesy of: National Geographic Channel


Tukano (Tucano) Tribe ~ Southeastern Colombia & Northwestern Brazil

(The above two photos are by Edson Grandisoli. Natureza e mais... ~ November 5, 2011)

(The above two photos are by paulonevesjr [Paulo Neves] ~ March 19 & 21, 2011)

 (The above nine photos are by JOEL 2012 [Joel Delfino Rosa] ~ October 1 & 2, 2011)
The above thirteen images are all courtesy of:

Yagua Tribe ~ Peruvian Amazon

(The above six photographs are by Rob & Lauren ~ 2010)
The above six images are courtesy of: The Adventures of Rob & Lauren

(The above eight photos are by kukkaibkk [Watana] ~ June 21, 2011)

(Photo by frmontana ~ March 16, 2009)

(The above two photos are by clee130 [Calvin Lee] ~ April 18, 2011)
The above eleven images are courtesy of:

Map of Colombia courtesy of: | Map of Peru courtesy of:

Map of Bolivia courtesy of:  | Map of Ecuador courtesy of:

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