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Tribal Headdresses From Around The World ~ Part VIII

Tzutujil (Tz'utujil) Maya Tribe ~ Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala
Above left, (Photo by Michael Sheridan)
Image courtesy of: redbubble

(Photo by Jessethecuerpo ~ August 26, 2008)

(Photo by N3074Echo [Bruce R. Swanson] ~ March 18, 2010)

(Photo by Gerrigje Engelen ~ November 1, 2007)

(Photo by MikeTnT [Michael Toussaint] ~ December 26, 2007)

(Photo by Alefarfan [Alejandro Farfan] ~ November 10, 2008)

(Photo by unruh_c816 [Claire Unruh] ~ July 24, 2010)
The above six images are courtesy of:

Kuna (Cuna) Tribe ~ Panama
(Photo by Sandra Leidholdt ~ February 5, 2007)
Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Above left image is courtesy of: | Above right image is courtesy of:

(Photo by Tal Gilad | 2005)
Image courtesy of:

(The above two photos are by Mauro Esteban Martinez ~ April 21, 2005 & January 3, 2007)

(Above left photo: señor sideburns ~ March 23, 2010 | Above right photo: Kiko Yera ~ January 13, 2007)

(The above two photos are by ~joe payne~ [Joe Payne] ~ December 26, 2009 & May 26, 2010)

(Photo by Sandra Leidholdt ~ February 5, 2007)

(Above left photo was taken on April 26, 2006 | Above right photo was taken on May 11, 2006)

(Photo was taken on April 22, 2006)
(The above three photos are by David Ducoin [])
The above ten images are courtesy of:

Kaqchikel (or Cakchiquel) Tribe ~ Guatemala

(The above four photos are by Hugo Ortuño Suárez ~ November 6, 2011)


(The above six photos are by busenius [Brad Busenius] ~ November 15, 2007)

(The above two photos are by mvennema [Michael Vennema] ~ November 7, 2005)
The above twelve images are courtesy of:

Emberá (Empera or Emberak) Tribe ~ Panama
(Photo by itsariellej [Arielle Johnson] ~ January 2, 2012)

(Photo by dickdecent ~ February 27, 2010)

(The above two photos are by deserttoad [Lou Feltz] ~ January 1, 2011)

(The above two photos are by pasujoba [Paul] ~ February 17, 2006)

(Photo by Troski2011 ~ October 15, 2011)

(Photo by Chris La Tray ~ February 8, 2011)

(The above six photos are all by pupi3000 [Anselmo Mantovani] ~ September 19, 2008)

(The above two photos are by TR Ryan ~ March 18, 2007)
The above fifteen images are courtesy of:

Ixil Tribe ~ Guatemala
(Photo by Sean Hawkey ~ November 4, 2011)

(Photo by progettomondo.mlal ~ December 13, 2007)

(The above five pictures are by Danshu Arnon, provided by: Roberto Uhlenbrock)

(Photo by danielaparra [Daniela Parra] ~ June 4, 2007)

(Photo by Photoadam2011 [Adam Buchanan] ~ July 7, 2008)


(The above five photos are by [James Rodriguez] ~ January 25 & 26, 2007)

(photo by ...como pez en el agua... ~ June 5, 2010)

(Photo by spotreporting [Spot Us] ~ September 11, 2011)


(The above two photos are by ~ April 7 & 8, 2009)
The above eighteen images are courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:

Map of Guatemala courtesy of: ezilon Maps

Map of Panama courtesy of: ezilon Maps

Map of Central America courtesy of: Rain Pebble

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