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New York, New York: Manhattan In Black, White & Gray

Vehement silhouettes of Manhattan - that vertical city with unimaginable diamonds.
~ Le Corbusier

Misty night surrounding the Statue of Liberty - 1942
(Photo by Andreas Feininger)
Image courtesy of Time-Life Pictures/Getty Images:

Statue of Liberty
Image courtesy of:

Statue of Liberty
(Photo by Margaret Bourke-White)

Statue of Liberty
(Saboteur - 1942)

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty - 2009
(By Henri Silberman)
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Manhattan Bridge
Central Park
Image courtesy of:

Central Park - 2004
Central Park

Grand Central Station
Both images above are courtesy of:

Central Park
Image courtesy of:

Central Park
(Photo by M. A. Andrew)
Above left, Lamppost in Central Park | Above right, Lamppost and trees at dusk in Central Park
(The two photos above are by James Maher)
Images above are courtesy of:

Bow Bride at Night
(Photo by James Maher)
Manhattan - 1941

Brooklyn Bridge - 1903

Manhattan - 1933

Times Square - 1943

Grand Central Station - 1913

Flat Iron Building under construction - 1902

River House, 52nd Street & East River

Above left, Manhattan - 1932 | Above right, Rockefeller Centre - 1933

Above left, Winter Palace - 1933 | Above right, Manhattan - 1933

Above left, The Woolworth Building - 1913 | Above right, a view from Central Park - 1933

Above left & right, Fulton Market Pier - 1933

Manhattan Bridge - 1909

Hell Gate Bridge - 1915
The above seventeen photos are courtesy of:

The RCA Building
Image courtesy of:

Chrysler Building, 1931
(Photo by Margaret Bourke-White)
Image courtesy of Time-Life:

Above left, Chrysler Reflections | Above right, Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge
The above three images are courtesy of:

Chrysler Building, Study 2 - 2006

Empire State Building, Study 4 - 2007
(The two photos above are by Michael Kenna)
Image courtesy of:

Broadway & West 34th Street

Chrysler Building at night
Image courtesy of:

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Tower Gargoyle - 1930
(Photo by Margaret Bourke-White)

Manhattan Skyline - 1946
(Photo by Fred Stein)
South Street & Jones Lane - 1936
(Photo by Berenice Abbott, New York Public Library)
Image courtesy of:

(Photo by Berenice Abbott - 1935)
Image courtesy of:

Above left, Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas & The Rockefeller Center
Above right, "El" Second and Third Avenue Lines - Bowery & Division Street

Above left, Hell Gate Bridge, 1935 | Above right, Brooklyn Bridge, Water & Dock Streets - 1936
(The above four photos are by Berenice Abbott)
The above four images are courtesy of:

The Chrysler Building under construction - 1929
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

Rockefeller Plaza - 2003

Atlas, Rockefeller Center
Image courtesy of:

Atlas, Rockefeller Center
Image courtesy of:

Radio City Music Hall - 2008
(Photo by James W. Howe)

Manhattan Bridge Walkway - 1936
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

Alwyn Court
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

Pike & Henry Streets, Lower East Side - 1936
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

Above left, Broadway to the Battery - 1938 | Above right,  Flat Iron Building, Madison Square - 1938

Daily News Building - 1935
(The above three photos are by Berenice Abbott)
The above three images are all courtesy of:

Seventh Avenue looking south from 35th Street
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
The above three images are all courtesy of:

(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

New York At Night
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

Theoline, Pier 11, East River, New York
(Photo by Berenice Abbott)
Image courtesy of:

 Above left, Manhattan Bridge rises above Washington Street in New York - 1908
Above right, Manhattan Bridge, under-construction, seen from the roof of Robert Gair Building, showing suspenders & saddles - 1909

 Meeker Avenue Bridge under construction, looking south, showing Brooklyn approach - 1939

The Queensboro Bridge under construction - 1907

Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, seen from a stable roof - 1918

 Painters suspended on cables of the the Brooklyn Bridge - 1914

The Queensboro Bridge, leading to Manhattan - 1912

 The Queensboro Bridge, showing reconstruction of tracks looking east - 1929

An experimental exposure made on the Queensboro Bridge - 1910

A view of the city from the Brooklyn Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge - 1933

A view of the city from the New York tower of George Washington Bridge, 168th Street & Hudson River - 1936

Ninth Avenue El trains (66th Street El station in the background) - 1933

Interior view of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) subway powerhouse, 58th to 59th Street - ca. 1904

Original City Hall subway station, IRT Lexington Avenue Line - 1904

Sunlight floods in through windows of the vaulted main room of New York City's famed Grand Central Terminal - ca. 1935-1941

The "Well", US Signal Corps Army Base Terminal, Port of Embarkation - ca. 1945-1946

 6th Avenue & 40th Street - 1940

Times Square theatres by day: The Times Building, Loew's Theatre, Hotel Astor, Gaiety Theatre - 1938

The S.S. Normandie, seen from a Staten Island ship - ca. 1935-1941

 Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, West 81st Street, between Columbus Avenue & Central Park West - undated

Above left, 42nd Street, looking west from 2nd Avenue - ca. 1935-1941 | Above right, Midtown Manhattan at night - ca. 1935-1941
The above twenty-two images are all courtesy of: The Atlantic


Video is courtesy of: corpsesflowersgrow -

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