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Through The Lens: The Iconic Glamour of 1950s Fashion Photography ~ (Part II: Norman Parkinson, William Klein & Walde Huth)

Norman Parkinson
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"I like to make people look as good as they'd like to look, and with luck, a shade better."

London Fashion - 1949
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Trafalgar Square

Wenda Parkinson, Vogue - 1951
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Wenda Parkinson - 1955

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Wenda Against Post

Legroux Soeurs hat - 1952

Jean Patchett

Dovima, Vogue - 1952
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The Art of Travel, Vogue - 1951

Trafalgar Square, Vogue - 1951

William Klein
(1928- )
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"I didn’t relate to European photography. It was too poetic and anecdotal for me.... The kinetic quality of New York, the kids, dirt, madness - I tried to find a photographic style that would come close to it.So I would be grainy and contrasted and black. I’d crop, blur, play with the negatives. I didn’t see clean technique being right for New York. I could imagine my pictures lying in the gutter like the New York Daily News."

Smoke & Veil - 1958

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Hat and Five Roses - 1956
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New York - 1954
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Simone & Nina, Piazza di Spagna, Rome - 1960
Simone & Painting + Coffee, Vogue - 1960
Anouk Aimee, Vogue - 1961

Barbara & Coffee Filter - 1956
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Simone Daillencourt - 1962

Barbara, Over Gadgeted, Does Lips - 1956

Barbara With Black Flower Snack - 1956

Barbara in the 1920s - 1956
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Walde Huth
(1923- )
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Dior chiffon cocktail dress - 1955
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Patricia in Jacques Fath - 1956
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Maggy Rouff - 1955

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