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Through The Lens: The Iconic Glamour of 1950s Fashion Photography ~ (Part I: Irving Penn, Richard Avedon & Frank Horvat)

Irving Penn
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"A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective."

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Lisa Fonssagrives, Woman with roses on her arm -  1950
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Lisa Fonssagrives
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Lisa Fonssagrives - Woman in Chicken Hat

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Woman With A Handkerchief
Harlequin Dress - model, Lisa Fonssagrives, 1950
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Lisa Fonssagrives, Vogue - October, 1951
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Jean Patchett, Woman With Long Black Neck - 1951
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Colette in Balenciaga's Wishbone Suit, Vogue - 1950

Lisa Fonssagrives - 1951

Lisa Fonssagrives, Cocoa Colored Balenciaga - 1950

Evelyn Tripp - Crescent Bicorne Hat
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Balenciaga double cacoon gown, Vogue - 1950
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Balenciaga Gathered Sleeve

Sunny Harnett, Picture of A White Sleeve - 1951
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Cafe in Lima, Vogue - 1949

Man Lighting a Girl's Cigarette - 1949

Lisa Fonssagrives

Lisa Fonssagrives, Woman in Moroccan Palace - 1951 The above four images are courtesy of:

Lisa Fonssagrives in Balenciaga - 1950
Models - 1947
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Richard Avedon

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"My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph."

Dovima, evening gown by Jacques Fath - 1950
The Richard Avedon Foundation

Dovima with elephants, Paris - 1955
Gown by Dior

Dovima with elephants, gown by Dior

Sunny Harnett in gown by Madame Gres, Casino Le Tourqet - 1954
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Dovima, New York - 1954
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Dovima - 1950

Dorian Leigh in gown by Piguet - 1949

Christian Dior

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Dovima in Balenciaga

Sunny Harnett - 1954


Dovima, Vogue - 1952
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Dovima with Sascha, Paris - 1955
Carmen in coat by Pierre Cardin - 1957

Georgina Hamilton in Balenciaga
Suzy Parker & Robin Tattersall at the Moulin Rouge, Paris - 1957
Gown by Madame Gres
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Frank Horvat
(1928- )
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"Photography is the art of not pushing the button."

Givenchy hat, Jardin des Mode - 1958
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Sortie de Metro - 1959
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Two models with hats, British Vogue - 1959
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Fashion in the Jardins des Tuileries, Paris - 1957 
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Les Halles - 1957

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